Line of Duty Announces Exclusive Program

“Betty Shelby and Surviving the Aftermath of a Fatal O.I.S.” is now online.

This important 40:00 program addresses the aftermath a Tulsa(OK) officer and her family faced after a fatal officer involved shooting that received worldwide media attention.

It addresses absolutely critical areas of concern which Betty Shelby and her family faced including:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Emotional and Physical survival

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Risk Insurers, Hear What SC Association of Counties says about Line of Duty


Watch why the
calls its relationship with
In the Line of Duty a

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Cops Wearing Body Cameras – SI29


SI29 – Body Cameras: What Every Cop Needs To Know

Learn from one of the law enforcement trailblazers how the body camera has been a huge success lowering officer injuries, dramatically lessening use-of-force claims, substantially lowering citizen complaints, assisting in report writing, helping bolster prosecutions, and much more

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See how the Rialto(CA) P.D.

  • Implemented department-wide use of body cams
  • Got ‘buy-in’ from officers, police union and citizens’ groups
  • Developed policy for use of body cams and storage of videos
  • Has used body camera videos with the district attorney to get more and better prosecutions

And much more in this 30:00 program.

Includes complete Trainer’s Guide, Tests, and Certificate of Completion.

If your department is considering body cameras, this program is a must and will clarify many common concerns and answer many questions.

Purchase on DVD for $95 + $5 (S/H) or by Digital Download for $95. Click here and purchase online today!

To order simply fill out this form

And mail to PO Box 28232 St. Louis, MO 63132

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Or fax to 1-314-429-4137

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