New Video 02: Grapes and A-holes Hang Out In Bunches



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This is stuff you never, ever learned at the academy. From in the line of duty, I am about to prove to you that one of my personal axioms needs to be told at every academy and every roll call in the land. It’s simply this, that very often just like grapes, a-holes hang out in bunches, which is why without a shadow of a doubt, when cops are on the lookout for dog turned, they may very often misstep into one.

Curtis Sliwa’s cat steals show in his mayoral race

I always had huge admiration for Curtis Sliwa. Now that I know he’s an amazing animal lover and cat person in particular, it just solidifies my respect for him. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to read this.

FL sheriff: “Pure evil can never be dead enough.”

These deputies are incredibly lucky to be alive. So much information here of such vast importance to officer safety. One of the many points that sticks out in my mind is how the lowlife, although shot, still is able to sneak around the cruiser and re-engage the officers, nearly murdering both of them if his rifle hadn’t jammed.  It reminds me so much of Richard Blackburn, although wounded multiple times by SC Trooper Mark Coates, who was still able to crawl towards Coates and shoot him ultimately to death.