SI62 – Updated/Beware Jack-in-the-Box

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SI62 - Updated/Beware Jack-in-the-Box

About this course


In this program, we provide updated officer safety information from an incident we called ‘Jack-in-the-Box’ in Volume 1, Program 9. Michigan officers encountered a situation that has helped prepare law enforcement for dealing with the unexpected, and it was caught entirely on cruiser cam. After pulling over a potential armed robbery suspect, officers encountered a suspect hidden in the trunk of the vehicle. Find out how they responded and what lessons the department learned.

A Good Reminder

Recently, In the Line of Duty’s Ron Barber came across a video clip that reminded him of the incident that this program focuses on.

Officers in Kalamazoo (MI) were doing a cursory check of vehicles in a parking lot. It was here that they encountered a suspicious person in one of the parked cars.

The subject informed the officers that he had hit a deer and put it in the trunk. He was going to take it home for food. The Kalamazoo officers went to open the trunk to make sure the deer was legally tagged. Upon opening the trunk, much to everyone’s surprise, the deer was still alive and leaped out of the trunk and ran off.

This reminded Mr. Barber of an incident that other Michigan officers encountered many years earlier.

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