V09P06 – Hand Cuffs & Strip Search

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One of the most distasteful, dangerous, yet absolutely necessary procedures some officers must undertake is the strip search. In this pioneering program, you’ll learn how corrections officers at a major prison conduct proper, safe and thorough strip searches.


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RunTime: 35 minutes

In this Police training video we cover how strip searches are conducted and the proper use of handcuffs, as well as legal issues associated with these practices.

Strip Searches

A strip search is a practice where an individual’s clothing is removed to allow for a visual inspection of the person’s body for illegal substances or weapons. This practice is used by law enforcement and correctional institutions, but it can be a contentious issue due to its invasive nature.

Use of Handcuffs

Handcuffs are a common tool in law enforcement, primarily used to restrain individuals to ensure officer safety and prevent escape. Officers are trained to use handcuffs appropriately and lawfully, given that misuse can lead to allegations of excessive force or unlawful detention.

Hidden Weapons

Learn about where criminals insert and hide dangerous weapons used agains police and corrections officers every day across American in this newly updated program.

Legal Issues

There are a number of legal issues that arise in the context of this video regarding strip searches and the use of handcuffs.

Police departments and other law enforcement agencies have clear policies regarding the use of force, including the use of handcuffs, during stop and searches.

Officers are trained on these legal considerations and are advised to act within the bounds of their authority. Failure to do so can lead to civil liability lawsuits.

More to learn in the video.

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