Two Minutes Warning (34 Episodes)

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In the Line of Duty has produced a series of short scenarios that are ideal for roll call training. Using real video and expert law enforcement technical analysis, all topics include scenarios that street cops face every day and night. Officers are given a series of options as to what they would do under the described conditions.

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Included: DVD+ 1 Digital Download
RunTime: 3-5 minutes each

Mini programs dealing with various situations in which a law enforcement officer may find himself.  These programs are meant to spark discussion and get officers ready for incidents that otherwise might catch themselves off-guard.

01 – Avoiding danger from traffic on stops
02 – Transporting dangerous prisoners
03 – Warehouse burglary during power outage
04 – Lone officer sees murder-rape suspect go into dark alley in high crime area
05 – Big rig driver furious over traffic stop
06 – Single officer finds two drunken men brutally beating two women
07 – Calling out all possible ID factors in high and low risk stops
08 – Stop man with bag of burglars’ tools
09 – Lone officer sees two men in van.
10 – Two officers break up bar fight
11 – Are you prepared for off-duty incidents?
12 – Wearing body armor
13 – Handcuffing and Patdowns
14 – On DUI Stop, passenger changes places with driver
15 – Acting on a neighbor’s tip alleging child abuse
16 – Where do you keep your hands?
17 – Equipment check
18 – Gay lovers have violent argument.
19 – Single officer sees lone person apparently planning to leap from bridge
20 – Using backup
21 – High speed response to emergency calls
22 – Mentally disturbed man ranting on corner
23 – Rapid Response to the active shooter.
24 – Officer chasing armed robbery suspect at night must decide whether to keep radio on or off
25 – Cover officer watching two passengers when angry driver gets into physical confrontation with contact officer
26 – Drinking off-duty
27 – Proper use of force
28 – Encounter bad accident with two injured people in separate cars.
29 – Officer stops car wanted in connection with bank robbery.
30 – Officer pulls over van for going 15 over the limit.
31 – Officer is looking for armed subject in low light situation.
32 – Convenience Store Robbery
33 – The victim of a domestic violence call is a fellow officer’s wife
34 – Bath Salts

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