SI66 – Edged Weapons/Do not Get Killed by One

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Included: DVD+ 1 Digital Download
RunTime: 32 minutes

This program features a vast amount of information for officers who will, likely, deal with edged-weapons’ wielders during their career. It includes a plethora of crucial teaching points about the most common mistakes an officer (or human being) will most often make when confronted by such subjects. It also includes counters and/or remedies for officers to practice, train and use to hone their edged-weapons responses and skills. Prominently, the course includes excellent instruction and training from Sgt. (Ret.) Erwin Ballarta of the Texas D.P.S. who for many years was one of the nation’s premiere teachers regarding edged-weapon response by law enforcement.

Officers will, in all probability, face edged-weapons’ wielders several times during their career if they are on patrol for a period of years. The knife attacks may be made by those who are drug or alcohol-induced, criminals attempting escape, individuals who are anti-society, anti-government or anti-police, subjects who realize they are already facing years of incarceration, even persons attempting suicide-by-cop. There are many reasons, and the fact is that a knife is far less expensive than a gun, does not need to be licensed, can be used again and again, and, critically, can do as much or more damage as a bullet fired from a gun. Many times, studies have shown, that officers very often do not have the slightest idea they may be about to come under a knife attack or, if attacked, may think at first, they have been kicked or punched, not stabbed. Even if an officer engages an edged-weapons’ wielder immediately with head and knee strikes, the ‘delivery system’ (the edged weapon) can do terrible damage before the threat is stopped.

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