SI65 – Elder Abuse/What Every Cop and Social Worker Needs to Know



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RunTime: 42 minutes


About the police training video

This program offers a comprehensive resource for law enforcement officers and investigators responding to or investigating incidents of elder abuse. The issue of elder abuse, including physical, mental, sexual, and financial abuse, is a growing problem that causes harm to millions of seniors every year, with costs estimated in the billions of dollars.

Training goals

To effectively respond to and investigate cases of elder abuse, officers and investigators need to have a thorough understanding of the issue and be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Sgt. (Ret.) Betsy Brantner Smith, a seasoned law enforcement officer and trainer with extensive experience in elder services, serves as a subject matter expert in this special issue of In the Line of Duty.

About Sgt. Brantner Smith

With her many years of experience and expertise, Sgt. Brantner Smith provides officers and investigators with the tools they need to analyze and respond to instances of elder abuse with speed, accuracy, and confidence. She emphasizes the importance of being able to assess the situation and make quick, informed decisions, and acknowledges the time and resources that may be required to fully investigate cases of elder abuse.

The program covers various aspects of elder abuse, including physical, mental, and sexual abuse, as well as elder fraud, and provides practical advice and guidance on interview techniques, evidence gathering, and police investigation. It also highlights the implications for policing and elder care, and underscores the critical importance of documenting evidence and utilizing effective interview techniques in elder abuse cases.

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