SI64 – Update/Child Abuse-What Every Cop Needs to Know



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This program is an important addendum to In the Line of Duty’s Volume 4 Program 4.

In this supplementary course, meet Sgt. Brandon Fleming of the South Hill (VA)Police Department. We have dubbed Brandon the ‘Child Whisperer’ because of his amazing abilities and skills at communicating with children.

Learn much more about Sgt. Fleming’s internationally-respected dialoguing and interacting with the little ones in In the Line of Duty’s Special Issue #60.

Child Abuse: The Approach  

Child abuse is one of the most disturbing problems facing American society today.  While the number of abuse victims is unclear, it is certainly at least one million a year, and may be many times that.  As first responders, police officers are all too often confronted with horrific situations ranging from the physical abuse of a tiny victim, to sexual abuse, to overall neglect, and even psychological abuse.





Physical Abuse: Non-accidental physical injury caused by child’ s caretaker.


Neglect: Inattention to the basic needs of a child (broad definition).
Sexual Abuse: Interaction between child and adult in which child is used for the sexual


gratification of the perpetrator.
 – Psychological Abuse: The chronic failure of the child’ s caretaker to provide the child with


support and affection. (Source: Richard Johnson/Indiana State University.)

Many departments are reviewing approaches with regard to child abuse.  This program examines the so called “team” approach in Minneapolis.  Teaming brings police, social services, prosecutors and the medical community into the child abuse equation.  Working together, they can maximize the identification of child abuse, treatment, coordinate the gathering and documentation of evidence, and prosecution.  As first responders, Minneapolis Police has the important ability to remove children from a suspect environment.  The motto is to “err on the side of the child, or, when in doubt, take the child”.

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