SI64 – Child Abuse: Essential Knowledge for Law Enforcement

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This program is an extension of In the Line of Duty’s Volume 4 Program 4 and features Sgt. Brandon Fleming of the South Hill (VA) Police Department. Sgt. Fleming has gained recognition as the “Child Whisperer” due to his exceptional ability to communicate with children. In the Line of Duty’s Special Issue #60 delves deeper into Sgt. Fleming’s techniques for interacting with children.

Child Abuse: The Approach  

Child abuse is a major issue in American society, with estimates suggesting that at least one million children are victims of abuse each year. Police officers, as first responders, often encounter disturbing cases of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, as well as neglect. This program focuses on Sgt. Fleming’s approach to addressing and combating child abuse.


Terms & Definitions:



Physical Abuse: Non-accidental physical injury caused by child’ s caretaker.


Neglect: Inattention to the basic needs of a child (broad definition).
Sexual Abuse: Interaction between child and adult in which child is used for the sexual


gratification of the perpetrator.
 – Psychological Abuse: The chronic failure of the child’ s caretaker to provide the child with


support and affection. (Source: Richard Johnson/Indiana State University.)

This program looks at the “team” approach to addressing child abuse in Minneapolis, which involves collaboration between police, social services, prosecutors, and medical professionals. By working together, they aim to identify and treat cases of child abuse, gather and document evidence, and prosecute perpetrators. As first responders, the Minneapolis Police Department has the authority to remove children from potentially dangerous situations. Their motto is to prioritize the safety of the child, and to remove them from harm’s way if there is any doubt.

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