SI63 – Hank Earl Carr and the Violent Day that Changed Law Enforcement

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RunTime: 60 minutes


Course Overview

It’s one of the most important police training updates ever produced by In the Line of Duty, the world leader in law enforcement video and online training, ‘Hank Earl Carr/ the Violent Day that Changed Law Enforcement.‘

This course is focused on the day that an avowed cop-hater murdered a child and three law enforcement officers , including one state trooper, in Tampa, Florida. In the 53:00 minute class, students will learn how the killer’s ability to lie and ‘con’ the officers helped contribute to their violent deaths.His girlfriend, being interrogated separately, also ‘played’ detectives with her stream of consciousness ability to lie.

Students will also learn the critical need for law enforcement officers to always beware of the ‘totality of circumstances’.  In this tragic incident, killer Hank Earl Carr attempted to escape on five different occasions before ultimately escaping his handcuffs and going on his rampage.



TIME: 60 Minutes


Upon completion of this course, officers should be able to:

Obj. A:

Understand that the ‘Totality of Circumstances’ in a very fluid situation` involving a violent crime need to be collated as quickly as possible and shared with the commanding officers and/or officers/detectives in charge.

Obj. B:

Understand that a subject’s conflicting statements about a violent incident are very often extreme ‘red flags’ for law enforcement.

Obj. C:

Be aware that ‘eyes’ must always be on a subject who may well have committed a murder or other violent crime, even after the subject is handcuffed and (supposedly) contained.

Obj. D:

Understand, too, a subject’s conflicting actions about a violent incident are also, often, extreme ‘red flags’ for law enforcement.

Obj. E:

Learn that complacency can and has been one of law enforcement’s biggest killers and that, no matter how much you are trying to ‘curry the favor’ of a subject possibly involved in a murder or violent crime, officer safety must be priority number one.

Questions answered:

  • Were all the officers fully cognizant of his multiple escape attempts in a few short hours?
  • Were the two murdered detectives’ weapons much too accessible to a determined killer?
  • How the young trooper (the third slain law enforcement officer) was lulled into following the escaping killer’s vehicle too closely.

Innumerable ‘lessons learned’ in this vitally important, interactive course suitable for either an individual learning experience or classroom training.



Information about the Killer:

Hank Earl Carr was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 5, 1957. He had a criminal record that began at the age of 12 and included convictions for car theft and burglary. Carr was also known to be abusive to his family and partners.

In 1997, Carr’s long history of violence culminated in a day that would change law enforcement forever. On July 18th, he killed four police officers execution-style in Chattanooga before fleeing the scene. A massive manhunt ensued, with over 1,000 officers from multiple states participating.
Carr was finally apprehended after a shootout with police on July 21st. The tragedy left five families grieving and shook the law enforcement community to its core. It also led to significant changes in how police are trained for potential active shooter situations .

Since then, similar events like the Columbine High School massacre have only served to underscore the importance of proper training for law enforcement personnel when it comes to dealing with potentially violent suspects like Hank Earl Carr . In light of these tragedies, we must continue providing our brave men and women in uniform with the best possible tools and training so they can safely protect our communities.

Providing relevant, reality based, police training for law enforcement – In The Line Of Duty.

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