Mind Games and Powers of Observation (18 Videos)

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This is series of short roll call training programs titled “Did You See That?” and “Eye Spy”.


Included: DVD+ 1 Digital Download
RunTime: 3-10 minutes each

This is series short roll call training programs titled “Did You See That?” and “Eye Spy”. In each the viewer has a limited amount of time to view and assimilate details from either old crime scene photographs or wanted posters. It’s important for for the trainer or instructor to impress upon the viewers/students that they, indeed, do have only several seconds to study, review and remember what they’ve seen.

The programs are are geared towards officers’ and students’ ability to recollect and recall facts and information which may prove invaluable later. They also provide students/officers with opportunities to hone their visual skills which will, in all likelihood, be crucial in their careers.  Each program includes duty sheet and trainers guide.

  • DYST01 – Weejee on the Spot
  • DYST02 – Seeking Butch Cassidy
  • DYST03 – Finding an Assassin
  • DYST04 – Street Killing
  • DYST05 – Seen a Mobster Lately?
  • DYST06 – Search for Serial Killer
  • DYST07 – Lips That Lie
  • DYST08 – The Lineup of Stars
  • DYST09 – Can You Walk and Chew Gum?
  • DYST10 – The Nose Knows
  • DYST11 – This is Earie
  • DYST12 – The Eyes Have
  • DYST13 – Lip Service
  • DYST14 – Bogie and Bacall
  • EyeSpy1 – EyeSpy1
  • EyeSpy2 – EyeSpy2
  • EyeSpy3 – EyeSpy3
  • EyeSpy4 – EyeSpy4


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