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For the optimal training of your officers, trust In the Line of Duty as your elite Teacher’s Aid. Over 25 years of unwavering support and alliance with law enforcement agencies across the nation.

We are Law Enforcement’s only provider of reality-based video and online training:

– Increasing officer safety
– Lessening liability exposure
– Lowering worker’s comp claims
– Inspiring and motivating the men and women in blue

Who May Apply:

Our online course demonstration is free and intended solely for : Law Enforcement Agencies, Schools, Colleges, Public Safety Departments, Instructors & Training Officers in America.

Discover the Ultimate Law Enforcement Training Experience:

  1. What makes indispensable for law enforcement agencies? is the premier online destination for comprehensive, reality-based training and education designed exclusively for law enforcement officers and criminal justice students. With hundreds of immersive courses available through streaming video and virtual training, our programs feature real-life incidents, firsthand accounts from officers involved, and expert advice from leading law enforcement professionals. Engage in a transformative learning experience with our extensive course selection, complete with tests and quizzes to assess your progress.

  2. What sets Line of Duty’s E-learning courses apart from the rest? delivers significant cost savings and convenience. Many agencies have chosen to integrate our platform into their training regimen, eliminating the need to send officers across the state for training and the associated expenses. With 24/7 availability, provides unparalleled access, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Elevate your team’s skillset with the ultimate law enforcement training solution.
  3. What is the duration of each training video?
    Our diverse range of training programs is tailored to accommodate various learning styles and time constraints. Video lengths range from bite-sized 1-minute snippets to in-depth 30-minute to 1-hour sessions, making them perfect for roll call, in-service and academy training, as well as traditional classroom or distance learning. Explore our vast library of courses at

  4. Which essential law enforcement topics are covered? encompasses virtually every aspect of policing, with new streaming videos added regularly to keep content fresh and relevant. Discover numerous video courses by visiting the ‘Program Previews’ link on our homepage, and gain unlimited access to the full range of programs through a licensing agreement with us.

  5. Is E-learning recognized as approved training?
    Absolutely. is approved for continuing education, accreditation, and recertification in most states, while others accept it for supplementary training. Even states without training requirements can seamlessly incorporate our services into their existing programs. For details regarding your state, reach out to us at (800) 462-5232 or email

  6. What is the investment for this exceptional online learning experience?
    See our rates for your department or location. All instructors and officers will have 24/7 access to the world’s largest reality-based video training library, ensuring your team is prepared to face any challenge.

  7. What does offer your law enforcement agency?
    Your agency will benefit from unlimited access to hundreds of reality-based video courses covering every facet of policing, comprehensive tests, quizzes, and valuable support materials. Explore our expansive library of over 400 streaming videos on

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