SI46 – Betty Shelby and Surviving the Aftermath of a Fatal O.I.S.

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SI46 - Betty Shelby and Surviving the Aftermath of a Fatal O.I.S.

About this course

In this training program, we discuss how to deal with the aftermath of being in the national spotlight after a fatal officer involved shooting. Officer Betty Shelby was in the middle of a media firestorm when video of her officer-involved shooting was released for the entire world to see. In this exclusive in-depth interview, she discusses all of the details directly following the incident.  Some of the topics include her legal defense, personal safety, finances and much more in this must-see program.  She and her husband, also a law enforcement officer, tell cops there are many preparations one must make prior to such a traumatic incident.

  • Officer Shelby was charged with manslaughter six days after the incident.
  • In one of the nation’s most fast-tracked trials ever involving a fatal officer involved shooting, she was found not guilty on May 17, 2017, even though the incident had occurred just eight months prior on September 16, 2016.
  • On March 1, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice said there was not enough evidence to file federal criminal civil rights charges against former Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby.
  • Betty Shelby awaits the results of civil litigation as of this production.
  • Betty Shelby has, since, joined the Rogers County (OK) Sheriff’s Department where she is, as of this production, a road deputy.
  • Her husband, David Shelby, who was in a police helicopter hovering over the shooting scene has also left the Tulsa P.D., is a deputy and training officer at the Creek County (OK) Sheriff’s Office.
  • Because Deputy Shelby is still facing a civil suit by the Crutcher family, this program will focus on four elements she and her family are facing to this day in the aftermath of the shooting:

Financial, legal, emotional and physical survival.

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