Col. Jon Belmar – SI34 – Ferguson


SI34-Ferguson/the Lessons LearnedProgram #1

Now, order the exclusive DVD or video download of the seminal incident in the 21st century law enforcement.

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Featuring in-depth interview with Col. Jon Belmar, the Chief of the St. Louis County (MO) Police Department, the man at the epicenter of the aftermath and riots following the death of Michael Brown.

Vital information and lessons learned that deal with:

  • Critical incident response
  • Incident Command
  • Communications
  • Mutual Aid
  • Media relations
  • Dealing with the unknown
  • Deployment
  • Post Traumatic Stress lessons
  • Equipment
  • Community Relations Building
  • Changes
  • Lessons Learned

…and much more in this 60:00+ video training program.

Program includes complete Trainer’s Guide, Tests, and Certificate of Completion. Great for continuing education.

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