The Tale of the Great Kitty Cat Caper | Police Podcast

I would bet that you– like me– have never heard of the Great Kitty Cat Caper. But you’re about to, and here’s how it all started.

One of the nation’s most decorated ex-cops and a Line of Duty technical advisor, Randy Sutton, told me that 90% of the officers he talks to, and he talks to many of them, tell him their biggest concerns are not what they face on the streets, but rather the fiery hoops from hell they endure from their own chieftains and administrations. What got Randy into a multi-year doghouse himself all began when, as a Sergeant with the Las Vegas Metro PD, he decided to go public with his displeasure over a new sheriff in town.

“For, for seven years. Uh, I was put in what was called the Metro dungeon, which meant that I faced the wrath of the machine. I have no, there’s no reason for me to make up any stories here, but it was open warfare on Randy.”

Ultimately culminating in what? Continue reading The Tale of the Great Kitty Cat Caper | Police Podcast

Officer Down and Shot; You CAN Survive! | Police Podcast

How many thousands of people do kids see get shot over the course of their infinite number of hours propped in front of a television…or an app,  PlayStation, on and on. And, if kids really buy into what they see and what is branded into their brains, it’s almost always 100%, one and done. One bullet stops all, no matter what the circumstances, no matter how close, how far, how armored up, how macho, etc.  Kids who, obviously, morph ultimately into adults have the mindset that, once shot, you’re toast.

But, Dr. Andrew Dennis, the head trauma surgeon at Chicago’s busiest trauma hospital says it’s all bunk and cops need to know that if they’ve allowed themselves to buy into the Hollywood hype, they are quite possibly allowing a very dangerous mindset to take root in their minds. Oh, and by the way, Dr. Dennis is also a full-time police officer and member of two Northern Illinois SWAT teams. Continue reading Officer Down and Shot; You CAN Survive! | Police Podcast

Never Forget the Cruiser Patdown | Police Podcast

Any rookie who’s embarked on a career in law enforcement knows that he or she is likely in for it. The old timers know when there’s fresh meat in the house. It’s as instinctive as the senses of sight, touch, taste, hearing, or smell. When a new cop walks into the precinct, the district or station house for the first time, he might as well just try to grin and bear it because anything is likely to happen. Cops get very creative when it comes to pounding the piss out of new recruits. Continue reading Never Forget the Cruiser Patdown | Police Podcast

Never Quit: Powerful Messages You Need to Hear | Police Podcast

More and more, as a result of the pandemic, as a result of the chaos so rife in 2020…law enforcement is testing the waters of distance learning and online training. I am proud to tell you several things about Line of Duty’s online learning platform. Number one, it is far and away the least expensive, and we can prove it. Number two, it will lower your workers’ comp claims, and we can prove it. Number three, it will lessen your liability exposure, and we can prove it. And number four, it will enhance officer’s safety. and we can prove that. For 25 years, In the Line of Duty has been and continues to be the only reality-based video and online training for law enforcement. And we offer you an absolutely free two week trial with zero obligation for you to go and kick the tires, if you will. Just go to and click on the red tab marked ‘Get a Free Preview’ or email to get started.

Radio talker Sean Hannity had a gentleman named Israel Del Toro on his radio program not long ago. Israel’s a master Sergeant in the Air Force who had been refused entrance twice to the commissary where he’s based because he wasn’t wearing a mask. Now keep in mind, he couldn’t wear a mask because he’s got no ears. He couldn’t have put it on if he did have ears, because he’s only got one hand and it has no fingers. Israel had been so critically injured when an IED exploded under his Humvee in Afghanistan, that he was burned over 80% of his body and ultimately needed more than 130 skin grafts and was in a coma for three months. Continue reading Never Quit: Powerful Messages You Need to Hear | Police Podcast

Podcast: Fear of Being Branded a Rat? Listen Up. The Times They Are a-Changin’.

It may be an extreme example, but picture this. A young co-pilot sees the fuel gauge is nearing a dangerously low level, but he doesn’t want to interrupt the veteran pilot who’s in the middle of telling a war story he’s told maybe a hundred times before. Fearful of angering him, the young pilot does nothing and the plane crashes just shy of the runway. Or, an intern in the middle of an emergency surgery notes that the gruff formidable old surgeon has left a forceps in a patient’s abdomen and stitched him up…and out of fear, intimidation or worse being, banished from his internship if he says a word. Three days later, the patient doesn’t wake up. Or, how about the veteran officer who smells alcohol on a fellow cops breath day after day after day and chooses the route of monkey no see, monkey no hear, monkey no smell. One day, the alcoholically-challenged officer doesn’t report back at the end of his shift because not only he, but also the mother pushing the baby carriage are dead, courtesy of a drunken cops vehicular negligence. Oh, and did I add…the baby in the carriage is dead, also. Continue reading Podcast: Fear of Being Branded a Rat? Listen Up. The Times They Are a-Changin’.