V13P06 – Cops and Ethics / Staying Out of Hot Water

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V13P06 - Cops and Ethics / Staying Out of Hot Water

About this course

There is no debate on the need for law enforcement to abide by stringent rules of ethics and integrity in the performance of duties. There have been far too many media reports in recent years about various violations of ethics and trust on the part of law enforcement officers. While 99.9% of all law enforcement officers are highly professional, ethical and committed to performing public service at the highest possible level, those who choose a path of brutality, corruption or deceit, taint every honest officer. The public is more likely to draw its impression of law enforcement from one bad cop than from thousands of good ones. That is why the International Association of Chiefs of Police has declared that, "Ethics is the greatest training and leadership need in law enforcement today..." Police must meet and abide by the highest ethical standards to maintain the public's trust. That is the purpose of this video; to reinforce the need for the highest ethical standards.
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