SI63 – Hank Earl Carr and the Violent Day that Changed Law Enforcement

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SI63 - Hank Earl Carr and the Violent Day that Changed Law Enforcement

About this course


In one of the most horrific days in law enforcement history, a violent cop-hater (Hank Earl Carr) murdered a child (his girlfriend's son), two homicide detectives and a state trooper. Carr was a 30-year-old man who had spent half his life in prison or jail, hours later killed himself after taking a hostage at a convenience store. Both he and his girlfriend had lied about his real identity the entire day, since bringing the lifeless body of his "son" into a firehouse. He made fully five attempts to escape law enforcement during the ensuing hours, and on the fifth attempt (while being driven to Tampa(FL)P.D. for further questioning) escaped his handcuffs with a hidden handcuff key.

This updated program features never-before published information and, specifically, a call for law enforcement to always be aware of the totality of circumstances in highly-fluid incidents.


Lessons Learned

  • When a subject's/subjects' stories are consistently changing, especially in a short period of time, beware there is very likely subterfuge or outright lying.
  • In such instances, be extremely aware and cognizant of all officer safety tactics and procedures, especially thorough patdowns (a great rule of thumb, period).
  • Make sure you are constantly 'comparing notes' with fellow officers who also may have come into contact with subject/subjects and may have critical information regarding the totality of circumstances.


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