SI60 – Pre-de-escalation/Meet the Pied Piper of Community Policing

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SI60 - Pre-de-escalation/Meet the Pied Piper of Community Policing

About this course


In this program, you will meet Cpl. Brandon Fleming of the South Hill (VA) Police Department. Fleming, also known as ‘Batman’ to the children in his community, has become extremely popular over the past few years. He has carved out a special relationship with the youngsters and has helped them to understand that law enforcement officers are there to help them, not to cause them harm. Learn how he has developed such a strong bond with the local youth in this Special Issue.


Cpl. Brandon Fleming has taken on many responsibilities during his law enforcement career. He has been a:

  • Field Training Officer
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Axon CEW (TASER) Instructor
  • South Hill P.D. Neighborhood Watch Police Liaison
  • Co-Chair of the National Night Out Program
  • 2020 Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy Instructor of the Year


How It All Began

This incredible bond between Cpl. Fleming and the children of South Hill, VA, began one day when he was closing out a call while standing outside his cruiser. Fleming saw a little girl who was walking with her mother, and they were heading his way.

The little girl was excited to see a police officer out on the street, not inside his patrol car cruising the neighborhood. She started waving at Fleming and was pulling her mother in his direction wanting to meet the officer.


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