SI44 – Suicide Prevention/ The Amazing Journey of Sgt. Mark DiBona Program #1

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SI44 - Suicide Prevention/ The Amazing Journey of Sgt. Mark DiBona Program #1

About this course

In this training program, we discuss the topic of suicide among law enforcement officers and first-responders. This problem has reached what some are calling epidemic proportions. The taboo of asking for help has to be removed. There are many signs to look for among your fellow officers who may be hurting and in need of help. We talk with a former law enforcement officer who has been through this battle and he shares his story in hopes of giving other officers a reason to keep on fighting.

Sgt. Mark DiBona (retired)

Served from 1985 – 2019 as:

Field Training Officer, Traffic Unit, Street Crimes Unit, Peer Support Unit, Critical Incident Stress Management Unit, Public Information Officer, and Drug Interdiction Unit.

Currently, an instructor at Florida’s Seminole State College Police Academy.

Received training in Critical Incidents, Mental Health First Aid, PTSD, and Suicide Prevention.

“If you don’t address a mental health issue, such as PTSD, suicidal ideation or something like that and you know about it, that’s a liability. That’s gonna cause lawsuits, it’s gonna cause (negative) media (publicity) that the agency does not want, but most of all, it’s gonna cause heartbreak and sorrow.”

                                                                              -Mark DiBona

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