GN03 – Part 3 Of Golden Nuggets Training Course

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GN03 - Part 3 Of Golden Nuggets Training Course

About this course

This is episode 3 in our series of police training programs designed to provide officers and students with a wide-variety of safety and tactical tips. In a fast-paced format, topics highlighted are:

  • Beware of the ' jack-in-the-box', subjects who can spring out of a vehicle's
    trunks or other enclosed, closeted spaces you'd frequently not anticipate
  • Beware slight or small subjects who can wriggle out of handcuffs
  • Response to natural disasters
  • Compromise ethics at your own peril
  • Remember, felons and violent offenders and wanted subjects also have
    vehicle accidents and crashes.
  • A subject's footsteps may be as identifiable as his/her voice or other
    physical characteristics
  • Always thoroughly check couches and under cushions when clearing a
    drug or dope house

Many more important officer safety tips are included in this exclusive training video from In the Line of Duty.