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A partnership with In the Line of Duty can provide you with additional training to your Law Enforcement population.  Our training programs are quality and professional, proven to help increase officer safety and reduce liability and claim costs.

Line of Duty’s Library with over 350 programs is course specific for all Law Enforcement & First Responders;  this includes:

  • Reality-based video
  • Includes supplemental Resource Material
  • Produced from critical incidents and crime scenes
  • Interviews with the Real Officers involved
  • Analyzed with the do’s and don’ts for officer safety and street smart survival
  • Lessons Learned
  • You hear from the Experts in the field
  • Interactive for classroom instruction
  • 24/7 unlimited access with any mobile device or computer
The Benefits of a Partnership with In the Line of Duty help to:

  • Increase Officer Safety
  • Reduce Risk Factors associated with Police Operations
  • Reduce Liability & Claim Costs
  • Help Manage Police Liability with Auto Physical Damage
  • Reduction of Fewer Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Lower Litigation Payouts

Risk Management Testimonial Video

Help prevent injury and liability costs. A partnership with In the Line of Duty provides access to our entire law enforcement training video library and it’s free to your law enforcement population. Our training library includes 24/7 unlimited access to over 350 programs and resource materials.

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