SI56 – I Can’t Breathe | Critical Do’s & Don’ts What It Means For Police

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SI56 - I Can't Breathe | Critical Do’s & Don’ts What It Means For Police

About this course


In this training program, Line of Duty technical advisers break down, analyze and discuss a topic that has become a world-wide law enforcement issue, media topic and the center of national protests; “I can’t breathe.” What should a law enforcement officer do when attempting to take control of a subject or putting restraints on a subject, and he/she claims to be having medical issues such as not being able to breathe? How do you know if he/she is telling the truth or just trying to get out of custody? These questions and much more are covered in this program.

Officer Safety

Line of Duty technical adviser Herb Hood (Ret. Sgt. West Chester, OH P.D., frmr. Director of Training OH Attorney General’s Office) talks about the importance of officer safety during these struggles with potentially dangerous subjects (even if the subject may indicate he “can’t breathe”.)

Herb tells us that it is impossible to feel the fatigue officers are dealing with when the general public watches these videos and decide to become armchair quarterbacks. They also cannot feel the strength and resistance that the subject is applying to the struggling officer. The subject resisting on the ground might be trying to maneuver his/her body to get an advantage on the officer to inflict harm. Officer safety and subject containment are both critical.

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