SI55 – Randy Sutton/Great Cops Share Their Greatest Lessons Learned

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SI55 - Randy Sutton/Great Cops Share Their Greatest Lessons Learned

About this course


In this training program, we talk with Retired Lieutenant Randy Sutton of the Las Vegas (NV) Police Department. He is also a Technical Advisor for In the Line of Duty. This program features great life-saving and career-saving lessons from one of America’s most-decorated officers. The program has been structured into short, classroom-ready segments.

Randy Sutton

His career started in New Jersey in the mid-1970’s. For a period of time, the state of New Jersey had changed the age of majority from twenty-one down to eighteen. This meant that at age 18 an individual could drink, vote and even become a cop. So, Randy joined the force at the age of 19. One thing that he couldn’t do, however, was buy ammunition because you still had to be 21 because of federal law.

Throughout this program, Randy shares the many experiences he has had in his law enforcement career (good and bad) and turns them into teachable moments for all of law enforcement.

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