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Offering De Escalation training courses. Designed for Officers responding to calls for intervention & to restore / maintain the peace and security of all who are involved in conflict while protecting the community. How the officer responds to the situation is crucial to knowing whether it will end peacefully or become a more dangerous situation.

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Reality Based De Escalation Training Videos

Train Like Your Life Depends On It.

SI40 De escalation Training for Police


Included: DVD+ 1 Digital Download
RunTime: 60 minutes

Taken from classroom instruction by Officer and instructor Chris Stoaks of Bend (OR) Police Dept., “de-escalation is what happens in-between contact and resolution”. This program is designed for the street officer who comes in contact with people, in high-stress and troubled circumstances, and gives them the tools to, possibly, de-escalate the situation.

Video Preview

SI57 – Compassionate Policing/The Ultimate in De-escalation Part 1


Included: DVD+ 1 Digital Download
RunTime: 28 minutes

In Part One of this two-part training program, we talk with Line of Duty Technical Adviser Randy Sutton. As a retired law enforcement officer, Randy reflects upon his career and talks about how his philosophy of policing changed early on because of the advice from his training sergeant. Once Sutton started treating everyone with compassion, he felt he was truly out on the streets to protect and serve.

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SI58 – Compassionate Policing/The Ultimate in De-escalation Part 2


Included: DVD+ 1 Digital Download
RunTime: 34 minutes

In Part Two of this two-part training program, we talk with Line of Duty Technical Adviser Mark DiBona. As a retired (33-year veteran) law enforcement officer, Mark shares important lessons learned from his past experiences. Learning how to relate to people and find common ground has really helped Mark in relating to subjects who may be angry, distraught, confused or even emotionally disturbed. His approach to law enforcement was to be able to empathize with people rather than come in with a heavy-hand (if at all possible). 

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De Escalation Training F.A.Q’s

*In this pioneering training and educational series, In the Line of Duty offers a series of programs dedicated to “Deescalation and Compassionate Policing”.

To preview any/all programs for 24 hours at no cost/no obligation, contact Kelly at: kelly@lineofduty.com, or call (800)462-5232.
*The programs are available as a DVD or for online purchase through the

In the Line of Duty store (www.lineofduty.com/shop)

*All full-length programs include a complete:

– Trainer’s Guide and Duty Sheet
– Course Objectives
– Tests/Quizzes
– Certificates of Completion

*Videos, either the DVD format or online are often used in classroom settings as either stand alone courses or in conjunction with a specific curriculae.

*Discounts are certainly available for in-perpetuity rights to a given program reproduction/copying/duplication rights.

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For over 22 years, In the Line of Duty has been producing critical, life-saving, police officer training videos with focus on safety. We are the only reality-based site online for training and educating law enforcement officers and criminal justice students.
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