ILEETA + Ambush Recognition Offer – May 2018

IN THE LINE OF DUTY, the leading producer of public safety video training, is offering ILEETA members: 
as a FREE download!
Thanks from all of us at In the Line of Duty for stopping by and saying hello at this year’s ILEETA conference!  As a thank you from us, we are offering veteran law enforcement instructor and trainer Dick Fairburn’s entire ILEETA presentation on AMBUSH RECOGNITION to ILEETA members as a free download.
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About this program:
Dick Fairburn’s presentation includes:
  • Common sense tips on how to avoid an ambush
  • Why military training techniques can help cops avoid ambush
  • Approaches that work in the real world for officers
  • What can get cops into trouble in a potential ambush scenario
  • Absolute/positive do’s and don’ts for avoiding ambush
  • How to watch your six and how to help fellow officers watch theirs
This 105:00+  program includes:
Trainers Guide/Duty Sheet, Tests and Certificate of Completion included.
Get this exclusive training program only from In the Line of Duty.
To take advantage of this excellent offer, visit our store at and enter coupon code ILEETA2018 at check out.   
Code expires June 15, 2018.
You can also check out law enforcement’s finest online training, and do it free for two weeks.  Training that has saved officers’ lives for over 20 years.
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24/7 training, includes Trainer’s Guides, Tests and Certificates of Completion.  
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