Chuck Joyner – SI41 – Use Of Force & Liability


SI41 – How Not to Get Shot, Sued, or Thrown in Jail / Use of Force and Liability

This Special Issue from In the Line of Duty features an entire classroom presentation by Chuck Joyner, a 30-year veteran of the CIA and FBI who teaches survival sciences to law enforcement.

Chuck Joyner Survival Sciences llc

Survival Sciences , Chuck Joyner

In this multi-faceted training program, Chuck’s objectives are:

  • Identifying the primary causes of officer injuries and deaths
  • Discussion of pertinent court cases that should guide use-of-force decision-making
  • Helping make use-of-force decisions a much easier process; one that juries and courts both like and has been proven effective
  • Identification of current areas of high liability
  • Identification of factors that (often) will increase your liability
  • and much more crucial training and education in this 62:00 minute program available online, as a video download or on DVD

Preview program here:

How Not to Get Shot, Sued or Thrown in Jail includes a complete and comprehensive Trainer’s Guide featuring program overview, interactive discussion points, tests and a Certificate of Completion for officers’ jackets.

POST recognized in most states and excellent for academy, roll call and in-service training, because it is easily segmented.

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