2) Streaming Video Library

How much does a subscription to Lineofduty.com cost?

We at Line of Duty understand that budgets are tight and in an effort to keep things simple a subscription to lineofduty.com is a flat rate of $1995 per department / location per year for departments/organizations with 51 – 499 participants. The cost is $995 per department / location per year for departments/organizations with 50 or fewer participants. For departments of 500 or more the price is $1995 plus $5/per officer

Do these prices give every member of my agency access the training videos?

Yes, your yearly licensing fee entitles every member of your agency unlimited 24/7 access to every program available on the Streaming Video Library at lineofduty.com.

How do I pay for online courses?

We accept checks, credit cards, and purchase orders. However the online video library is only available to law enforcement, education, and government. If you have questions regarding payment options or availability, please call (800)462-5232 or e-mail sales@lineofduty.com

How does a subscription to the Streaming Video Library at lineofduty.com work?

A subscription to lineofduty.com is customizable based on your department’s needs. Your department has the option to set every officer up with his/her own personal account so they can access programs, take online tests, and generate certificates to go in their file. This set-up allows students more freedom to choose their courses and gives instructors the ability to see what the students are doing.

Alternatively, access can be given only to those in the department responsible for training. In this instance the videos would be used mainly in a classroom setting where the instructor could give hard copy tests. These tests are available on the website only to those with instructor access.

How do we access the Streaming Video Library?

After subscribing, simply go to lineofduty.com, click the ‘Subscribers/Login’ link and enter your individual username/password. If you are an instructor you will gain immediate access to all programs. Students will need an ‘enrollment key’ (assigned upon subscription) to access the programs once they are logged in.

Can we track students’/officers’ progress?

Lineofduty.com provides two main testing methods for tracking student progress through every full-length course—PDF tests and electronic tests. Electronic tests provide a certificate with a grade upon completion. We also provide a student activity report which records ALL student activity in the site. These features are only available to those within the department with instructor access.

How do we track students’/officers’ progress?

Students can either take a hard copy PDF test printed by their instructor or an electronic test provided on the site which generates a certificate upon completion, including their grade. The student can print out this certificate and give to their instructor. Alternatively, for reporting purposes, the instructor can also access grades and print certificates for all programs completed by students in the department.

How can I review my students’/users’ training results?

Instructors can review training results either by running a site-wide grade report (available only if using electronic tests) or by running a student activity report which records ALL student activity in the system for your department.

How do I run a report?

Only instructors can run reports. You simply log into your account and click on a report link (User Detail Report or Sitewide Grades) under ‘Configurable Reports’ on the left side of the screen. These reports can be exported to and filtered from Excel.
If you do not see these links on your screen you probably have not been set-up as an instructor/report viewer. If you believe this is in error, contact us at1.800.462.5232 or info@lineofduty.com.

Is the Streaming Video Library difficult for students to learn/use?

No. Once your officers/students get their login it is simply a matter of choosing which video course/program they wish to view, entering the common enrollment key, and proceeding to take the (video) course.

What software/hardware will we need to use the Streaming Video Library?

No software/hardware is needed. Line of Duty’s Streaming Video Library can be accessed with a computer anywhere there is internet connection.

What are the minimum recommended system requirements for using lineofduty.com’s Streaming Video Library?

  1. Macromedia Flash Player 8.0+ plug-in
  2. Windows XP or higher with latest updates installed
  3. Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  4. Firefox 1.1+, Internet Explorer5.0+, or Safari 1.0+
  5. Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps

While most systems will meet these requirements if you still have questions about your department’s capabilities please give us a call at 1.800.462.5232 or email info@lineofduty.com.

How long is each training course?

The programs range from one minute, two minutes, and seven to nine minutes all the way to 60 minutes. They are excellent for roll call, in-service, and academy training as well as hard classroom or distance learning. Every course, every program is available at lineofduty.com and is part of the yearly subscription.

What topics are covered?

Line of Duty’s training catalog covers virtually every aspect of policing and law enforcement and we add new streaming videos regularly throughout the year. You can preview dozens of the video courses by going to the Program Previews. As part of your licensing agreement with us, you will gain access to every program/course in its entirety. For a complete list of topics covered and
course descriptions please take a look at our online catalog.

Where can I find a full description of a course?

To find full descriptions of all our courses please visit our online catalog here.

Are Line of Duty’s training programs POST approved?

Yes. Most states have approved lineofduty.com for continuing education, accreditation, and re-certification. A few others have approved it for supplementary training. For information on specific states please contact us at 800.462.5232 or email info@lineofduty.com.

After my department subscribes how do we add users to the streaming video library?

All users can create their own account by going to the login page and clicking ‘create new user’. After the user has a username/password combination they will need an enrollment key to access the courses.

Can departments upload multiple users at once?

If you need to upload multiples users you will need to supply us with a list of the names and email addresses of those users. One of our customer service reps will then assign usernames and passwords, upload the information to the Streaming Video Library and forward the information to your department contact. Once uploaded, the officers/students still need an enrollment key to access the programs.

What is an enrollment key?

An enrollment key is the code that unlocks the programs for individual users and is what sets your department/organization apart from all others in our system. Your department’s enrollment key is provided upon subscribing/licensing and will be unique to your agency.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password you can click the forgotten password link on the login page and a new password will be emailed to you. If for some reason you do not receive your new password, please contact us at 1.800462.5232 or email info@lineofduty.com.

If I am interrupted while taking a course, will I have to start the course over when I log in again?

While the program will not save where you left off, once you log in again you can navigate to your stopping point. You do not have to start the program over in order to take the test and get credit for the course.

How do I print a Certificate of Completion?

Once a student watches a course and takes the electronic test, the system generates a certificate of completion with their name and grade. This certificate will be found under the video screen and link for the quiz and can be printed out by the student or instructor by clicking on the link then clicking ‘Review My Certificate.’ To print simply wave your mouse over the certificate and a control box will show up in the bottom right corner. Click the button furthest to the right. The certificate will print immediately and can be filed in the student’s file.

What are the primary benefits of Line of Duty’s Streaming Video Library?

Tremendous cost savings. Many organizations use lineofduty.com as a key component of their training regimen. As opposed to sending officers halfway across the state for training, paying for meals, accommodations, filling in their positions while they’re gone, etc., many LEA’S have found lineofduty.com a superb, cost efficient alternative. In addition, the fact it’s available 24/7 is a huge plus. Cost-savings- efficiency-convenience.

Can we try out the Streaming Video Library at lineofduty.com before actually purchasing a subscription?

We at Line of Duty understand that departments must be careful how they spend department monies and must be sure of the quality and usefulness of the products they purchase. For this reason we offer a free 2-week trial to our site. This trial is completely free, no strings attached. We encourage you to try out the site as much as you can in those two weeks to get a feel for how this invaluable resource can benefit your department. Contact us at 1.800.462.5232 or email sales@lineofduty.com to get started.

Can Lineofduty.com programs be used in the classroom for group training?

Line of Duty programs are great for classroom settings and group online training. The videos can be shown to a large group and the PDF tests can be printed out for each student in the group. Lesson plans are also available with supplemental information to help the teacher facilitate group discussion and learning.

Can individual officers purchase a subscription to lineofduty.com for themselves?

Subscriptions to lineofduty.com are extremely cost-effective for entire departments but are not designed for individual officer purchases. If an officer wants to purchase Line of Duty training for himself he can access our Digital Video Catalog where programs can be purchased a la carte.

What if my department doesn’t want to subscribe to the entire video library? Is it possible to purchase programs ‘a la carte’?

Yes. While we believe a subscription to the learning management system is the best value, we understand that some budgets do not allow for that while other departments are trying to fill a specific training need. Almost every program available in the streaming video library is also available on DVD. Each program costs $195/each plus shipping and handling. Volume discounts are available. If you prefer to purchase electronic versions of our programs without the added cost of shipping and handling you can purchase through our DVC (Digital Video Catalog) where you purchase our programs and download them to your computer within minutes.

How often are new programs added to the library?

New programs are added to the library multiple times a year.