1) General

What is In the Line of Duty?

In the Line of Duty is the only producer of reality-based video training programs for law enforcement. Over 300 video courses covering virtually every aspect of law enforcement training are available, and new training programs are added throughout the year. The company now offers its entire (streaming) video library online via its learning management system at lineofduty.com. LOD also offers (downloadable) Video on Demand and hard copy DVD’s of all programs.

What is the Streaming Video Library?

Line of Duty’s Streaming Video Library is an online, e-learning platform containing every program Line of Duty has ever produced. This is over 300 programs! It is available to departments by yearly license.

How do I pay for online courses?

We accept checks, credit cards, and purchase orders. However the online video library is only available to law enforcement, education, and government. If you have questions regarding payment options or availability, please call (800)462-5232 or e-mail sales@lineofduty.com

Where can I find a full description of a course?

To find full descriptions of all our courses please visit our online catalog here.

Are Line of Duty’s training programs POST approved?

Yes. Most states have approved lineofduty.com for continuing education, accreditation, and re-certification. A few others have approved it for supplementary training. For information on specific states please contact us at 800.462.5232 or email info@lineofduty.com.

What if my department doesn’t want to subscribe to the entire video library? Is it possible to purchase programs ‘a la carte’?

Yes. While we believe a subscription to the learning management system is the best value, we understand that some budgets do not allow for that while other departments are trying to fill a specific training need. Almost every program available in the streaming video library is also available on DVD. Each program costs $195/each plus shipping and handling. Volume discounts are available. If you prefer to purchase electronic versions of our programs without the added cost of shipping and handling you can purchase through our DVC (Digital Video Catalog) where you purchase our programs and download them to your computer within minutes.

What is the Digital Video Catalog?

The Digital Video Catalog, or DVC, is Line of Duty’s online video store where all our full-length programs (Volumes and Special Issues) are available for on-demand digital download straight to your computer. To check out our selection or make purchases please visit store.lineofduty.com.

Can I purchase DVDs?

Yes, DVDs are still available for purchase. To order a DVD go to our online store at store.lineofduty.com and find the program you want to purchase. When placing it in your cart you will choose between a DVD and a Downloadable Video. When you select DVD, we receive your order and send the DVD out to you. Remember, shipping and handling charges apply to all DVD purchases.

Are volume discounts available?

Yes, discounts are available for DVC and multiple DVD purchases. Take a look at our online store to find out more.

How often are new programs added to the library?

New programs are added to the library multiple times a year.