3) Downloadable Videos

What if my department doesn’t want to subscribe to the entire video library? Is it possible to purchase programs ‘a la carte’?

Yes. While we believe a subscription to the learning management system is the best value, we understand that some budgets do not allow for that while other departments are trying to fill a specific training need. Almost every program available in the streaming video library is also available on DVD. Each program costs $195/each plus shipping and handling. Volume discounts are available. If you prefer to purchase electronic versions of our programs without the added cost of shipping and handling you can purchase through our DVC (Digital Video Catalog) where you purchase our programs and download them to your computer within minutes.

What is the Digital Video Catalog?

The Digital Video Catalog, or DVC, is Line of Duty’s online video store where all our full-length programs (Volumes and Special Issues) are available for on-demand digital download straight to your computer. To check out our selection or make purchases please visit store.lineofduty.com.

How often are new programs added to the library?

New programs are added to the library multiple times a year.

How do I download purchased video(s)?

Add a program to the “cart” that you wish to purchase. Advance through the checkout procedure and pay for the items you wish to download. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with the information you need to download your videos.

We provide movile video formats:
MP4 Standard Quality (Compatible with most newer computers and smart phones / tablets)